Christmas Plans!


This year we may be limited on numbers for who we can invite for Christmas. Who can you invite? How not to offend? How to stay safe? So, let's all have the best Christmas we can but look forward to next year when we can pull out all the stops!

We're looking at getting all the family together, no matter how many! Does your living space allow for this? Will it be a cramped affair or will you be welcoming your family into your brand new, redesigned space?

  • Kitchen extension
  • Home extension to account for family staying over
  • Ground floor or two storey extension for extra space



Let's plan for a big family Christmas for 2021! 

What can we provide?


  • Architects
  • Planning Application/Guidance
  • Structural Engineer
  • Quantity Surveyor
  • Project Manager throughout
  • All building trades for project continuation