The daily news feed at the moment can be a distressing read at times. Today brings news of the iconic high street retailers culling jobs, recent talk of liquidation and airlines to cut thousands of jobs.

Changes are inevitable but instead of drowning in this, we can see it as opportunity for growth and change. We can rise on the other side of this stronger but what will this new city of ours look like?

Businesses will be transforming and adjusting to find their new way to thrive. Offices may be repurposed with more of us working from home. What will these spaces be used for? What will our department stores be replaced with?

During the last recession we collaborated with an innovative developer to create luxury city centre apartments.

Following the purchase of office space due to a company liquidation, we worked hand in hand with the architect and developer to create this stunning transformation. 

The online market is thriving as people stay home and order through their phone instead of going outside. Does this mean we'll see more warehouses developing, more UK manufacturing, increased local market?

This is now a chance for us Sheffielders to show what we're made of. We will take this challenge and not only come out of it on the other side, but we'll do it together and be stronger for it.

The changing face of Sheffield